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Welcome to the Mind of RoXxI
28 January 2015 @ 01:49 pm

I think the picture make things pretty clear ^^;

Who am I? Well follow the cut.

Eh who are you?Collapse )


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Welcome to the Mind of RoXxI
08 October 2011 @ 09:41 pm
Ha ha so I guess like I said I'll try posting again XP ^^:

So my first item of news is the whole Ukwon ordeal. X.x that was stupid. Suspending his activities because of a fan? I mean okay it was messed up that he got a fans gift and gave it to his girlfriend, but at the same time the punishment is just freakish... X.x Still way to go UKwon... you're the freaking idiot that gave a way a fan's gift to your girlfriend X.x SMART... i donno I want to call him a dumbass but thats kinda mean.

Umm anybody still up with the Hey Say! fandom.? I could sure use an update XP Im kinda slow when it comes to Hey! Say! Jump X.x I heard about the Ryutaro thing but other than that I'm not too sure about whats going on. T.T Someone please update me ^^

Other than that i'm glad to find that at least 2 people in my Flist are alive... I guess i should get rid of everyone else XP X.x Starting anew I guess? Awhh its so hard when I just abandoned my LJ and to come back to it and its almost all washed up X.x What do I expect though right? XP I will do my best to get this place up and running ^^
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Welcome to the Mind of RoXxI
04 October 2011 @ 01:24 am
So i've been gone for an eternity.... are any of my flist alive out there? X,x >.<
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09 November 2010 @ 10:34 pm
So i've been gone for like an eternity it seems...
anyways I've been thinking maybe i should delete this
journal and i can just stick to the other ones i have...
X.x Opinions anyone?
Welcome to the Mind of RoXxI
26 June 2010 @ 12:51 pm

So it's been a while since I've posted anything period... X.x sorry guys
I haven't even had time to comment back to some of you guys... >.< 
forgive me please... *puppy dog eyes* 

So even though this isn't "fandom" related
The new season of Leverage came out last weekend! 
<3 <3 <3 man i'm the happiest girl on earth seriously! it's so awesome
I can't wait to see how this season is going to come out! 

Have you guys seen D-NA's stumble? I remember reading someone saying
it's weird seeing asian boys in football uniforms.... XP well I agree...
it's just weird to see them in football pads and what not... but the song is pretty good! 

B2ST has also been pretty awesome lately. I'm lovin all the pictures that have been
released! they are just lovely! Today I watch and interview and Yoseob said that
he's not sexy... XP awh poor baby... he said he was ashamed of his body when those
half naked scans came out... >.< ^^: It was so weird seeing yoseob talk about himself
like that... I onno... bby needs to be more... confident? ^^: I onno but I absolutely adore him for that
Hyunseung said that he thought that girls that wore ponytails and took them off were sexy
XP I laughed because studies say that 50% of guys find it sexy when girls put their hair up
and the other 50% find it sexy when they put their hair down.. XO ^^; go figure right?

I'm excited for shinee's comeback.... I want to know what they are going to release
I hope its catchy...^^ 

SS501 promotions were soooo short... especially since the song was soo good! I hope
that they renew their contracts.. >< but who knows... ^^;

I don't really like 4minute's Huh... i have no clue why... it just doesn't fit my tastes?

Has everyone noticed that Ukiss likes to post food? XP I was looking at my friends page
and i came to realize that they seem to post food in their pictures quite a lot! I am finally
able to believe that Kevin eats a lot XP 

I finally made that fic journal that i've been talking about. I have only posted my most recent things considering that i lost all my HSJ stuff from Jumpstart >.> plus all the stuff i have on my quizilla is horrible with the exception of some one shots i made later on

please enjoy my one shots and B2ST/Beast fic that i started! I moved them all from Winglin ^^;

funshional  funshional  funshional  funshional  funshional 
funshional  funshional  funshional  funshional  funshional 
funshional  funshional  funshional  funshional  funshional 
funshional  funshional  funshional  funshional  funshional 
funshional  funshional  funshional  funshional  funshional 

do check it out and add ^^: I've just opened it...so yeah it's pretty new ^^  

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07 June 2010 @ 06:18 pm


WOOOO I'm here guys! 

So I got out of regular school. Then I got all my lazy out and NOW I'm BACK! 

I bet you like the rest of my f-list is totally dead... ^^: i understand guys ^^ 

So today... I want to talk about SS501's Love Ya ^^

<33333 I love love love! this music video! I watched it the first time and i was blown away
Their smooth dancing and awesome songs caught me at first go around ^^ 

I love love love it and thats the end of it ^^ I've always loved SS501 but now I love them more <3

Also Mblaq's Y. That's a catchy song. I didn't love it as much as Love Ya but it was awesome.
It has a techno dance feel to it [at least thats how i would describe it] that I enjoy and I find easy to listen to ^^
It's totally awesome ^^ so great job Mblaq! 

I also want to know if anyone knows anything about Ra.D. See I recently downloaded his album and it was
awesome! It's not anything poppy. The songs are much more on the calm side compared to the other
2 songs I talked about. However, thats exactly what to like. I'm just curious to know if anyone else knows about them. 

Well other than that there so much other stuff to continue one about. 
Nichkhun and Victoria. That's a sight to see. I wonder if it's going to be like Kwon and Ga In 

Shinee is going to comeback soon. I know a bunch! of people are probably excited about that ^^; 

I'm going to make a separate fic journal. I think its simpler to keep things separate ^^; 

Anyways I'll post sooner guys ^^ It's nice to be back ^^ 


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04 May 2010 @ 10:02 pm

Days of instruction left:


[CNA test tomorrow... wish me luck guys! Down Side I got home like an hour ago and I have to be up at the nursing home at the crack of dawn X.x crap someone save me now]
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03 May 2010 @ 10:56 pm

So I'm  going to start a count down until school is over ^^;
Look forward to big numbers XP 
I took some time to watch some B2ST vids... it was fun to see them
predebut... Hyunseung is an amazing dancer.. ^^; well anyways

Days of Instruction left:


I am so tired of school... x.x grr teachers are my enemies
and suprisingly tests are kind of my friends....
sorta ^^;
anyways Shalom
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25 April 2010 @ 10:06 pm
[for some reason he reminds me of a rapist here X.x]

ha ha i always seem to have a hard time posting XP
I've found myself with the need of more Tenimyu fans XP 
my friend list is apparently absent of them for some reason
I might start a friending meme... idk ^^;

soo 2pm... I love the music they have released
part of me thinks that it was aimed at the hottests
everyone seems to be talking about B2ST version
of mystery... X.x havent seen it... donno if i should

Other side note....
State testing this week... FUN! 
not to mention leadership the week after that...
well there are only 26 days of school left
yay! ^^
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19 April 2010 @ 08:29 pm

So lately i went back to the old tenimyu days since i stopped watching after aibacchi left the cast ^^;

I know its like.. who? when? I know geez it's been since what 2007? and its now what 2010?
yeah so it's been a while.

but back to the point. I found someone who took my interest... and it was Kyousuke Hamao
anybody out there familiar with this guy? well in case you are not here is a picture
of him .

Hamao Pictures, Images and Photos

Cute guy huh? XP well he played/plays kikumaru ^^ i thought he looked like he was
like the real life kikumaru XP so i was very impressed ^^ 
but anways yeah i read more in to him apparently he acted in gokusen 3
oh and the takumi-kun series 2 which i saw the first one for tomo yanagishita
so yeah...i expect good things from this guy ^^
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